New York [Cathedral Saint John The Divine 2017]

content: In a present reigned by "alternative facts", INSIDE explores the deep mechanisms of manipulation, posing the question "how much of what you experience is affected by the voices in your head, being those media, social media or family inherited beliefs." 

A concept by Ana Margineanu and Tamilla Woodard, Written by Troy Deutsch, Peca Stefan, Zhu Yi, Directed by Tamilla Woodard, Ana Margineanu, France-Elena Damian, Associate director: Camilla Perez, Stage design and costumes by Deb O, Choreography by Joya Powell, Stage Manager Violet Tafari, Producer: Carly j. Bauer

The Basement
With Orietta Crispino (Italy/USA)
Directed by France-Elena Damian (Germany)
Voices: Lauren White & Krystal Sobaskie (USA)
written by Zhu Yi (China)